Sri Lanka: State of Emergency in the Tourist Destination of Kandy

The BlueGlass Activity GRiD Alerts Abnormal Activity Levels in Sri Lanka

Over the past week violence targeting Muslims has erupted in the Kandy District of Sri Lanka, a popular tourist destination. Scores have been arrested for attacking Muslims and burning at least 11 Muslim owned business. The Sri Lankan government responded to the hostilities by blocking access to certain social media sites that were being used to incite and organize the attacks. In addition the government imposed a State of Emergency in the District increasing police and military presence and imposed a curfew.

On 7 March passes were issued to tourist enabling them to move out of the Kandy District. On 10 March the curfew was lifted.

The BlueGlass Activity GRiD alerted users to the increased levels of activity and the decrease in social media in the region.

To learn more about how we developed this SparkCast read Inside the Anatomy of a Modern Crisis.

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